The Shadowfolk were Maia-Spirits bound to the Element of Shadow and Darkness.They were for the most part servants of Mandos and Vaire but some also served Lórien and Este or lived in Nienna´s Halls at Fúi.

One group of the Shadowfolk, the Uvalear, had left Aman and had settled down in the misty valleys of Hithlum before the arrival of the Feanorians.

The Black Demons: Hunters of Melkor, Vampires, Knackers, Demon Cats and Phantoms or Dindair were often believed to be fallen Shadowfolk-Spirits.

Another group of Shadow-Demons were the Demons of the Void, masterless incarnations of the outer Darkness of Kúma.


Shadowspirits of renown

Fallen Shadow-spirits

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