Shên (Lin."Ancient") was a mountain realm of the farthest east, in vincinity to Ubain and populated by descendants of the Arklu-shen.The Emperor of Shên was a member of the alliance of far-eastern Lords led by the Ôn , who resisted Sauron and his Golden Army under the influence of the Ithryn Luin.

According to a legend Shên's emperor Sagông had two twin-daughters, Riyâ and Yukâ, who defeated two of Sauron's Wraiths in battle and took their rings.After their triumphal return to Shên their aging father demanded the Rings to be given to him, but the Rings eventually overcame Riyâ and Yukâ and they slew their old father.Both then became Wraiths, enslaved by the rings they had taken.


In Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Riyâ and Yukâ are two rogue Nazgûl who became Ringwraiths after having taken two of the nine rings of power from two Nazgul they had defeated.However this alternative universe is unlikey, since the Nazgûl, after having become Ringwraiths would not have been able to be destroyed with their rings and the one ring still existing.Also at that time the Nazgul did not wear their rings , but Sauron.If the sisters had indeed defeated two of Saurons Wraiths and taken their rings these could have only been two lesser Ringwights.

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