A Shay-Woman

The Sháy (Sn. "The Many" also Sháya or Sháyan) were an ancient fisherfolk of far eastern Middle-Earth. They were a result of the merging of Talataerim and Lênitani cultures and could still be found in Sháy but many men of sháy descent had in past ages left for other countries such as Lôkhas Drûs and the Farthest east and Southeast, especially the Isles of the Sháy Bight and the Southern Archipelago.

The Sháy were shorter than most other races Men - an average 5’4" to 6’0" (women averaged 5’2" to 5’10") but were stout, tough, stocky and resilient (men averaged 160 pounds, women averaged 150 pounds), with fair skin and brown hair and often blue, hazel or brown eyes.

Some men of Sháy descend had ventured well out into the inner Seas and settled the remote southern Isles and the lands of Emer.The Miirani, Orbisan, Veryan and Men and Women of Vog Mur came from this family.

Known Tribes:

A'za Bucol Sarbardar Valair


The Shay also were incorporated into the Shadow World Setting, where a culture known as the Shay are one of the most common people of Emer and Jaiman.


According to the fan-module "Níali:City of grey walls", the Shay and Nay are just two groups within the far-eastern Land of Shasindi.The Original Shay began in the second Age as the result of a coalition of several, originally unrelated tribes which formed as a reaction to the eastern realm of The Third of the Nazgûl and the arrival of númenórean Explorers.Among these tribes were: some clans of the Rúakasi ( fierce horse-nomads originally from central Middle-Earth), Kh'iang and Hsienpi (related to the Womaw),the Sëd and Tî (Talatherim tribal groups), and the A'za, Sha-t'ô,Iurkhaen and Valair (the original Shay and Unvirnay).


Original form in MERP:Shay

The Shayan languages, made up the the ICE Authors, were spoken mainly in southeastern Middle-Earth and are loosely based on Hawaiian vocabulary.

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