The Serpentu was an elegant creature of Unbird kind, With all of the equine features of a warhorse, but with grey or green scales like a serpent, a snake-like tail, the head of a lizard, and a long reptilian fin rather than a mane. They did not have hooves, but in- stead had lizard-like feet, allow- ing them to navigate rough terrain rather easily.

They were stronger than horses of the same size, their hide was thicker, and they had a greater endurance than any horse and were just as fast as their equine counterparts. They lived in small herds, and were om- nivorous.

Oddly there were stories of Serpentus which had trained to fight as a warsteeds.The serpentu were , by rumour easily domesticated and used by desert folk such as the Lankani of Emer and many peoples in moderate climes, but operated poorly in cooler climes.

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