A Seer of Arthedain

A Seer, Soothsayer, or Prophet (Q."Tír") was a person gifted with Foresight. It might also refer to an Astrologer, who watched the Stars to find out about the future or a Necromancer who called upon the Spirits of the Dead to obtain informations from them. Seers could be seen as some sort of Magicians. The Adûnaic term for Seer was Sapthan.


Seers of Renown


The Seer is a playable profession in Rolemaster. Similar Professions are the Astral Traveller, Astrologer, Chrystal Mage, Dream Lord, Geomancer (see:Earth Reader), Mentalist, Necromancer, Seeker, Tarot Mage.

Seer may also refer to:


The Dwarven Earth-Readers could also be considered a class of Seers similar to Geomancers.

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