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The Essence (Q."Vildimë" ), also known as the secret fire (Q."Narë Ufirima" S. "Naur Thurin") and the flame imperishable (Q."Muinarë" ) was the force of life within things and Ea.

The energy mityafairë  (Q. "Inner radiance") generated by all fear, Essence served as the basic medium for all forms of magic. The ultimate source of Essence was Eru Iluvatar; but all of Eru's offspring, whether Ainur or Incarnates (Elves, Men, Dwarves, etc.), once brought into being, possessed an individual and distinctive fairë of their own. The three realms of magic (Essence, Channeling and Mentalism) drew upon different sources or levels of fairë for their power. The realm of pure Essence (Q."Vildimacarya") derived directly from the Narë Ufirima (Q. "Flame Imperishable"), the primal fairë through which the spirit of Eru "in-dwellt" the world he had created. This energy was also known as the Muinarë (Q. "Secret Fire;" S. Naur Thurin), and was occasionally used as a euphemism for Iluvatar himself. The realm of Channeling (Q. "Celmacarya")  refered to the demiurgic activity of the Valar and Maiar, and its energy derived specifically from the Essence with which they had imbued the substance of Arda. Melkor, originally the most powerful of the Valar, corrupted all physical matter with his Morifaire (Q. "Dark Essence"), and from this element his servants were able to work wicked sorcery and black magics. The Elves often refered to Dark Essence as the Mordo (Q. "Shadow;" lit. "Taint"). Mentalism, the third realm of magic, drew exclusively upon the Essence of the individual spell-caster.