Seals (La. "merikoirat", sing. "merikoira") migrated into Forochel's bays and inlets in spring, before scattering to warmer waters in the South in autumn. There were two main types of seals of interest to the Ystävät Talven. The first was the fur seal or karvainen merikoira, used for both meat and fur. The second was the lihamerikoira, used primarily as a source of meat and leather (especially armor).

In spring, the seals could literally cover a beach in one great, boisterous and gregarious colony. The female seals were fairly placid, preferring to take to the safety of the sea rather than fight. The bulls, however, could be aggrissive in their defense of territory or harems. In the water, the animals had never been known to attack Men, except occasionally or a slight nip or bite as the creatures included the individual in their underwater play. Protective of cubs, but slow and clumsy on land they would retreat to the water if threatened.

The Snow-elves found seals absolutely delighful, spending hours wandering a beach among them and staring into the big, brown, intelligent eyes of the creatures.


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