Haradrim Scouts

A Scout could be an agent or soldier trained in surveillance and slipping behind enemy lines or a Spy or Informer, infiltrating enemies homes and gathering informations.The Sindarin term for a scout or spy was Ethir, in Gondor Spies or Agents were also known as Hin (S."Eyes").

Scouts and spies of renown


In MERP the scout is a playable class.Rolemaster has similar professions including Sleuth, Outrider,Magent, Ninja and Seeker.In LOTRRPG the Spy is an Elite-Order.

Notable Spy-Rings or information Agencies in Middle-Earth were:

Persons skilled in finding missed things were often called Finders, these finders could also be considered Scouts, Delvers, Seekers or Treasure Hunters in Roleplaying.

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