A Scimitar

A scimitar is a sword with a curved blade such as those used by the Umli, Corsairs of Umbar, Dorwinrim, Haradrim, Easterlings, Black númenóreans, Variags, Orcs, Uruk-Hai, half-orcs and half-trolls.A variant of the scimitar from the Farthest East was the Dag, Orcs used a type of scimitar they called the Pal or Sard.The orcish type was one of the oldest variants known, though it had been reported that also some of the oldest, later obsolete, elven blade-types had a curved or bent design.Both might be derived from some of the oldest kinds of weapon devised by the Ainur themselves during the early wars between the Valar and Morgoth.


In our world "Scimitar" is used to described certain "eastern" or "oriental" blade types , mostly single blased and curved or bent, often thought to derive from the egyptian khopesh or similar mesopotamian weapons.


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