Hills of Scary

The Hills of Scary were, along with the Green Hill Country, the most prominent hill formation of the shire.Their rocky red pinnacles revealed solid cores and jutting outcrops of granite and had long been the site of copper-holes ,some dating back to dwarven miners of the second age.In later days Eriadorian men had settled the area and later hobbits who wished to do mining settled the western parts of the hills in brocken ,pushing out the men on the southern side of the scary hills to Dwaling.There had always been tales and rumours among the miners of Scary, about Ghosts and Demons, supposed undead spirits of the former dwarven miners who still inhabited the deep mines. The Hobbits knew these creatures as Neblins and believed them to have been guardians of rocks and mines or Dwarven spirits touched by magic, if they believed in them after all.


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