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A Barbarian

Wild, Savage or Barbarous, in Middle-Earth, usually refers to backward or degenerated cultures, not touched by the civilizations of Elves, Dwarves and Dúnedain and perhaps even touched by the influence of evil.The term refers mostly to the Wild Men of Middle-Earth, the savage and feral tribes who were either subject to the Dark Lord or reclusive and solitary and subject or ally to none.Also Orcs and Trolls are usually seen as wild and barbaric.

The usual Quenya wort for barbarian or savage is calimbo but other terms from the elven tongues sometimes translated as barbarian are glam (loud, cruel,usually referring to Orcs), balc(h) (cruel, wild), bereg (wild), rhovan (wilderness) and baug (cruel, savage).

Savages of Note:


The Barbarian is a playable class or profession in MERP, Rolemaster and LOTRRPG.While in MERP and Rolemaster Barbarian refers rather to a primitive Warrior or tribal Warrior, in LOTRRPG it refers to a feral, wild character who is reclusive and subject to nature.

Examples for Barbarians