Sauron's Equipment are an unique set of weapons and armor, worn by the dark lord Sauron.


  • Sauron's Helmet - Immunity to fire, 50 Armor Rating.
  • Sauron's Pauldrons - 25% resistance to all damage sources, 25 Armor Rating.
  • Sauron's Greaves - +20 Damage, 10 Armor Rating.
  • Sauron's Gauntlets - +30 strength, 15 Armor Rating.
  • Sauron's Chestplate - +25% Resistance to all damage sources, 75 Armor Rating.
  • One Ring - When worn by Sauron: Allows user to control all the users of the other rings with the exception of the three elven ring. When worn by anyone else: Corrupts the mind of the user, invisibility.
  • Sauron's Cloak - When enemies are close to you, cloaks you into a cloak of shadow that damages anyone close enough. 0 armor rating.


  • Sauron's Mace - Absorbs 100 HP from the target, does 25 fire damage to the target, 65 Damage.


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