(Examples for Sages in Middle-Earth)
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The ''Sage'' is a playable profession in [[Rolemaster]], similar classes include:''Druid'', ''Free Thinker'', ''Grand Vizier'', ''Kuge'', ''Leader'', ''Mystik'', ''[[Scholar]]'', ''Seeker'', ''[[Wise]]'' and ''Yamabushi''.
The ''Sage'' is a playable profession in [[Rolemaster]], similar classes include:''Diplomat'', ''Druid'', ''Free Thinker'', ''Grand Vizier'', ''Kuge'', ''Leader'', ''Mystik'', ''[[Scholar]]'', ''Seeker'', ''[[Wise]]'' and ''Yamabushi''.
===Examples for Sages in Middle-Earth===
===Examples for Sages in Middle-Earth===

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A Haradron Sage

A Sage is a skillful or wise man, a teacher, storyteller, leader or Scholar.

In middle-earth the experienced, old teachers among Elves and Men were known as Sages.

Famous Sages



The Sage is a playable profession in Rolemaster, similar classes include:Diplomat, Druid, Free Thinker, Grand Vizier, Kuge, Leader, Mystik, Scholar, Seeker, Wise and Yamabushi.

Examples for Sages in Middle-Earth

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