Saeros (S."Bitter Rain") a Nando and one of the Guest-Elves of Doriath, though his mother had likely been a Noldo or an Avar of the Tatyarin race.He was counselor to Thingol and possessed a sharp tongue, nimble wit, and a biting jealousy of Turin, the King's fosterson. One night, seated opposite his rival at dinner, Saeros taunted him, uttering contemptuous remarks about the women of Hithlum, Turin's birthland. Angered, Turin hurled a goblet at the Seer and hurt him sorely. The next day, Saeros ambushed Turin, seeking revenge. Turin defeated the injured counselor handily. While running headlong from his vanquisher, Saeros fell over a cliff and died. Turin, fearing retribution, fled Doriath.


  • Orgof
  • Orgol


  • Golden Comb
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