time period
About TA 1640

Saerol was the lord counsellor for prince Celdrahil. He was trained by Saruman himself and recommended by the white wizard to Celdrahils father.He served the family for nearly a century. He was a lesser member of the “Heren Istarion” (Order of Wizards) to which also Gandalf and Radagast belonged. He frequently informed Curunir about the events in Southern Gondor. Saerol carried several magical devices, among them a mirror with which he could directly communicate with Saruman.

detailed description

The Prince's Lord Counselor was a famed Astrologer named Saerol, a man whose chief interests had always been mathematics and the lore of the heavens. Saerol was personally trained by the Wizard Curunir (Saruman the White), who recommended him to the Prince's father nearly a century ago. He remained at the Court since.The Prince was fully aware of this role, and was pleased that his counselor played such a significant part in the struggle against Darkness (at this time, Curunir was still rightly regarded by Men as the Chief of good wizards). In gratitude, Saruman occasionally rewarded the Prince with various magical devices. Saerol encouraged the Prince to cultivate the friendship of the Eredrim chieftains. He counselled maintaining good relations with the Elves of Edhellond, but not relying on them, for his astrological studies had led him to predict that the Elves would abandon their haven during the next few centuries. Saerol was a very respectable and dignified figure. He was elderly, with flowing white hair and a long beard, both unusual among the Dunedain. His gold-rimmed spectacles and ornate walking staff enhanced the peculiarity of his appearance. The Lord Chancellor remained unmarried and rather lonely, despite the fact that he had few enemies. Given to few faults, he was nevertheless hounded by his own poor sense of humor. Saerol made his home in the Astrologer's tower (S. Barad Meneldur) in the Castle of Dol Amroth. His observatory occupied the upper floors of the structure, providing him with a fine view of the seaward sky.


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