The Mothernel (S. "Saegoth", Q. "Sangwangotto") Deathward or Protector was a small, extremely hard to find, parasitic plant native to Coniferous forests, usually at the top of evergreen trees.It was reminis­cent of a mistletoe, tapped into the trunk of the trees, using their sap as a source of nutrition to supplement its photosynthesis. If grounded, mixed with water and ingested, mothernel leaves protected the consumer from the effects of all poisons for I hour. If administered after someone had been poisoned, however, it was only effective as an antidote for jegga. Anyone consuming this drug found that their urine turned the color of blood for 24 hours. If they were not aware that this effect was natural and unharmful, considerable mental anguish could result as they imagined themselves poisoned in spite of the protection.

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