Sûlgwîr (S."Windweaver"; SW Av."Vaerisû") dwelt in Beleriand until she encountered Valcahrissë, a warrior of such skill that he successfully and single-handedly confronted bands of twenty Orcs or more and went unscathed. To win Valcahrissë's attention and regard, Sûlgwîr devoted her life to the study of war. When her mentor left for the Court of Ardor, she followed him and was named Herald of Swords. When released from its warrior's braid, her long blond hair resembled a stream of moonlight. Its fluid tresses and her soft grey eyes contrasted pleasingly with the sharp lines of her cheekbones and chin. Many found her beautiful. She stood 6'I" and weighed 155 pounds.


Original Name in MERP:Vairesûl

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