Siragale or Old Silvana

, or Sírranwaith (Gw. "Shiargaillê", W. "Sunsetí"; Br."Bro yr-Hwyrol", S."Sírranwaith", Os. "Sirembin Galador", "Flowing-hills", "Tree-land", or "Sirrônwi"; Q. "Aldanore Siryambonio"), was a wild wooded area in southwestern Arthedain. It was the ancient home of the Sîrrandrai, a tribe of Nandor closely akin to the Green-Elves. In later times the region was also known as Old Silvana and the Oakwood-Realm.

The name of this region arose in some confusion. "Shiargailleí" referred (amongst the Haladinic people of the Gwathló) to the whole country beyond Baranduin. The Dúnedain apparently falsely believed this was a corruption of the Nandorin name Sîr(ambonai)-galaddor and thus applied the name to the land between the Baranduin and the Harered Luin. A Westron approximation of the name was adopted on that basis in the Second Age. The name became corrupted further to Shiragh in the Third Age and confused with the Shire (a part of the territory). Elves usually called it "Sirranwaith" ,the country of the wandering-river-people.

This was a Nandorin region, now a part of Arthedain, formally (in Elvish eyes) under the rule of Ellindiel. It extended from the Baranduin to the Aerossir and the Harered Luin. The Shire was carved out of the northeastern portion. The transfer of this territory to the authority of Arnor took place in mortal eyes as a result of the promise of oathkinship that the House of Elendil gave to Merethorn whilst they travelled to Mordor in the Last Alliance. Bereft of warriors, Ellindiel, his widow, placed herself and her people under the protection of Isildur by invoking this formal bond. Later generations of the Dunedain mistakenly assumed the region was simply ceded as a feudal fief, a misunderstanding of Eldarin law. Several Nandorin lords served Ellindiel: Sulor of the Green Hills, Halatir of Harvaneth, Gwendir and Niniel of the Tower Hills, and Nimien of the Luithen river.



Original form in MERP: Siragale= Sîrgala


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