Sêt was an easterling deity, probably a nature-spirit connected with Serpents, but also illusion and magic.It was not much known about Sêt or if he had his own cult or religion.He may have been a local Maia spirit, though it is unknown if he was one of the spirits Morgoth had once seduced to evil or if he served one of the Valar or possibly was a neutral spirit of Arda.


Original form in Loremaster:Set

Set briefly appears in the "Shade of the sinking plain" module.It is clear that within the book "Set" is intended to be identical with the Serpent god Set from H.P. Lovecrafts and Robert E. Howard's Conan Universes.Both are roughly based on the egyptian god Set, whose animal however is a Donkey or a Jackal, not a serpent, and various serpent-deities from historical cultures, including american Quetzacoatl, african Damballah or Simbi, egyptian Apophis, greek Typhon and others.Most of these would be very hard to integrate into a Middle-earth setting, though they could be identified with Glaurung, father of dragons.

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