In the believes of the peoples who lived along the shores of the Northern Seas, notably the Zettan and Orizians. S`sorr was the god of birds.The Order of S'sorr were a society of holy men, pious Seers who practiced Alectromancy, Astrology, Astromancy, Augury, Bibliomancy, Chronomancy,Clairvoyance,Nephelomancy and Oneiromancy (prediction of the future from observation of a rooster pecking at grain,  the movements of celestial bodies, watching the stars,  the flight of birds,divination by lines of verse in their holy book taken at hazard, determination of lucky and unlucky days,spiritual vision or inner sight,observation of shapes of clouds and interpretation of Dreams).The fabled "Notebook of the Order of S'sorr" was their sacred collection of lore.


S'sorr might have been a superstitious local manifestation of Manwë or perhaps one of the Great Eagles, especially Thorondor.

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