Rykholi tribal-conjurer

The Rykholi (Ah."Nearby Folk" or maybe "Chanting People") were the inhabitants of the plateau of Rykholiz to the center-east of the Talathrant river.

Large pastures that stretched across the Rykholiz plateau and forests of various mixtures of trees, gave the Rykholi the possibility of settling in the area, farming and raising livestock getting rich results. Agricultural culture of the Rykholi was most prone east of the Talathrant and west of the Red Mountains. It was no coincidence that many times Rykholi had to resort to arms to defend their lands, and their neighbors (especially Variags) had entered these lands in search of colonization and attachment to their realms.

Unlike their Dalpygi cousins ​​, the Rykholi were well known for horse breeding. The strongest horses of all Aharin lands were raised by Rykholi. A Rykholi horse could have up to 3 times the strength of a Kargarim horse.

Woodworking was one of the outstanding works of the Rykholi, architectural designs were well distinguished because they used different types of wood to build their houses and fortresses, and it was said their spears were unbreakable due to their ability to mix different woods in a single piece, but of course, this did not make them invulnerable.Their many works on wood and forest herbs, had made the Rykholi experimenting within the field of medicine and healing, as well as poisons.

In appearance they were a bit taller and more light-skinned than their ​​Dalpygi cousins , as they had intermixed much with the Tyr of Lú Tyr Sú and Y-Lústurangsur, many had braided hair and wore colors ranging from yellow to brown, but also orange and purple.

In later times the Rykholi were absorbed within the younger Kul-Ahar confederation.


Original form in MERP: Rycoli

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