Ruaival The island lay a scant three miles off the Eriadorian coast, but despite this, the dangerous voyage and the climate made for an even greater sense of isolation than one could imagine. In the spring and summer months, the climate was often humid, but far from invigorating. In the early spring months, the island ws subjected to severe gales. Winter blanketed the island in snow, and the nature of the island coupled with the winds made for heavy drifts, capable at times of burying the sheep and goats, the Principle livestock of the island. The island was only eight and three quarter miles long and nearly two miles across. The only permanent settlement was Ruaival itself, and boasted a population of seventy-nine.In the Days of the old Kingdom the island had been used as a prison-colony observed by the close town of Hirta.When a man called Armin led a small revolt in Hirta, he was backed by elements of the dock-workers. They demanded full independence from central goverment and a greater share in the profits of the traders. Mercenaries were drafted in by the magistrate Soay and the uprising was brutally put down. Armin and the survivors of the rebellion fled to Ruaival.The island had two landing points, the village and in Petrel Bay.It was not solely inhabited by humans and the seabirds around the island attacked boats and people who ventured near the cliffs.


Monks Voker family


Bears Boars Crebain Crows Deer Dogs Goats Goblins Gulls Jaguars Horses Large snakes Large spiders Petrels Ponies Rats Seabirds Sheep "False" Vampires

Places of Note

The Cambir Conchair Gleann House (Ruaival Island) Leigas Mullach Mor Mullach Sgar Oiseval ruaival Bay


Ruaival, Hirta and many other names in the adventure are actual scottish names and placenames from the hebrides.There is evidence that the island may be on the northern coast of Eriador, possibly close to Rhudaur and Angmar or off the northwestern coast of Cardolan, in this case the place must have been settled by men of rhudauran or angmarean ancestry.


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