Rolemaster is a role-playing game published by Iron Crown Enterprises, the first edition was originally released in 1980.While Rolemaster itself has no direct ties to middle-Earth and is not bound to a specific background (although several backgrounds for Rolemaster exist, most notably Shadow World) it spawned some Roleplaying Systems set on Middle-Earth most notably MERP, Lord of the Rings Adventure Game and QuestGame, ROLEMASTER also spawned another Game System HARP which in some aspect may be seen as the descendant and successor of MERP but is not tied to the middle-earth background either (although like Rolemaster itself it is considered widely compatible to the MERP Sourcebooks).Some MERP Books also contained stats for Rolemaster and one ROLEMASTER Sourcebook the Iron Wind was even set in northeastern Middle-Earth and is therefore by some considered to be a part of the MERP canon.Besides the official ROLEMASTER publications also a fan-made non-commercial sourcebook known as Middle-Earth Roleplaying - ROLEMASTER, a character creation Sourcebook for RMSS/RMFRP also exists.ROLEMASTER also spawned a self-contained non-commercial fan-made RPG set called XMaster.


relevant Books

  • Loremaster:Cloudlords of Tanara
  • Loremaster:the Iron Wind
  • Loremaster:The Sinking Plain
  • Loremaster:Vog Mur
  • Middle-Earth Roleplaying - ROLEMASTER (unofficial fan-made Sourcebook)
  • Merp to Rolemaster (Rmss - Rmfrp) v2.5 (unofficial fan-made Sourcebook)
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