Rolbog was a huge hobgoblin from the Misty Mountains.


Son of a chieftain from Gundabad and a female brute from Moria, Rolbog is a mix of Gundabad and Moria Orcs.

Third Age

Due to his strength, he became one of the chieftains from Moria, rulling the most deep mines and halls of the dwarven stronghold. His father Labalg was killed during a war with the dwarven people and his mother was poisoned by a wraith who lived in Moria. Rolbog led his goblins in many small fights with other goblins, as well as major battles with men and dwarves. Rolbog led 3 legions of goblins in the Battle of Azanulbizar with his fellow Azog and Ogrod.

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