A Rogue

A Rogue is an outcast, outlaw or vagrant.A person without Land, master and trade.A Rogue may also be a Drifter, Ruffian,Ragger, Gambler,Stroller, Thug, Scoundrel, Tramp, Beggar, Vagabond, a Wild Hobbit, Rascal, Bandit or Brigand.Many Rogues become Thieves and Burglars.

Famous bands of Outcasts were the Gaurwaith or "Wolf-Men" whom Turin Turambar joined, Barahir's Outlaw Band, the Outcasts of Rhovanion and Sharkey´s men.

Rogues or Outlaws of renown


In MERP, Rolemaster and LOTRRPG the Rogue is a playable profession or order.Rolemaster also has a magical profession called Rogue Elementalist, No Profession and the Gypsy profession.Related or more specialized Classes are: Charlatan, Free Thinker, Indurate, Montebanc, Romantic, Ronin, Tinker and Venturer.

Examples for Rogues

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