Rof's Woodcave on the Eaves of southern Mirkwood


Rof's Wood-Cave -Maps

A stand of huge Blue Yew trees occupied a low hillock at the end of Mirkwood's Mountains of Sorcery (S. "Emyn Guldur"), about a mile from the forest's southern edge.Large of girth and old of form, these strapping evergreen were the lords of the local arboreal domain.Yet, even among these timber giants, one great Yew stood out.It dwarfed its companion trees, reaching a height of over one hundred and forty feet.Rof Pakus Wood-cave was carved from the core of this noble tree.A fivestory house, this remarkable abode occupied most of the Yew's trunk, as well a part of the upper tree.Rofs Watch rested high in the boughs and was forever shaded by the blue-grey needles that gave the trees their name.
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