Remains of Rivil's Well

Rivil and Eithel Rivil (S. "Rivil's Well") were also called the land of Orodreth or Aglon Sirion (S. "beyond Sirion"). A country of stark beauty clad with pines, it was cut by the Rivil river, which arose at Rivil's Well. Near this spring an Orc camp stood after the conquest of Dorthonion. Here Beren Ercharmion pursued his father's murderers and recovered the ring of Barahir. The forests here were cut by Orc-axes in the First Age and never had truly recovered. None the less the region around the Well must have been forested enough for Beren to approach unseen. To the northern edge of this land lay another Orc camp on the high slopes that ran down to the barren dunes of Anfauglith.Here Beleg Cúthalion rescued Túrin Turambar from the Orcs, but was himself slain by his friend. So Gwindor and Turin buried Beleg there. Little remained here in the way of ruins, since it was part of the course of the great Army of Wrath at the close of the First Age. For this reason, the country was considerably safer than the rest of the island. Fauna and flora were natural and not inimical to life, and the streams which ran here were clean and wild. The ruins of the Noldorin forts along the northern rim of Tol Fuin were blacked and twisted, sheared at odd angles. This was evidence of Glaurung, father of dragons.


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