The River-FolkRiver-Halflings or Gladden-Stoors, were a number of clans descending from the Stoors. They lived in the Loeg Ningloron, along the river Anduin.The Nimbletoes and Stillwalks were their best known clans.

It is unknown of there had been survivants of this group into the days of Bilbo or Frodo.According to one account the Nazgûl had searched the area of the Gladden fields on their hunt for the ring and had destroyed or driven away the last remnant of the stoors they had found, according to another statement however they had found the stoors old dwellings already empty and long abandoned.

Neither Beorn the Skinchanger, nor the Goblins of Goblin-gate seem to have been much irritated by the presence of a Hobbit, so it may be possible that they had at last heard of them or even still seen some before.

Known River-Folk Halflings

Béogol Deagol Ern Ildra Jack Straw (Halfling) Melisande Rithregol Roselda Smeagol Tilly Tulip Violet

Known River-Folk Settlements

Dundok Stillwalk Smial Stoor Harbor Thistledow

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