The Ring-Wights, also known as the Ernilath-in-Ugalad (S."Princes of Unlight") were "half-undead" mortal Spirits enslaved by a Lesser Ring of Power.The Sorcery had streched their lifespan in an unnatural way and warped their appearance into that of gaunt, pale, ghoulish or almost lich-like apparitions, however they had not died yet and still inhabited their tainted fleshly bodies, but they were on their way to become true, incorporeal Wraiths, and some were more advanced on that dark road than others. They however were all subject to Sauron's or his Nazgûl's will and worked as their lieutenants.


Known and proposed Ringwights:

MERP and Rolemaster

The Ringwights could also be considered mannish Vampires or living Ghouls.

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