The Ring of Stars, also known as Elenya, was a lesser ring of power forged by Fincúlin with the aid of Annatar and Celebrimbor. It was fashioned of mithril and set with an amethyst.

This ring enhanced the bearer's DB, powerpoints, and could cast invisibility upon the wearer at will. The ring could also appear invisible and could only be detectable by other ringbearers. If mortal, the individual would age at about a tenth of the normal rate--but they would lose one permanent constitution point per ten years, eventually becoming a wraith. Bearer had access to all Seer lists up to level 30. If an essence spell user, they could have access to all 10th level mage spells.

If this item was worn in the Second Age, the wearer was in great danger of being tracked down and slain by servants of the Dark Lord. The ring was not evil but it was tied to the One Ring, and once put on, the wearer must make a RR vs a 10th level mental attack or take it off. Every time it is worn, the attack level rises by 1.

It is unknown if anyone bore this ring.

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