The Ring of Barahir was a ring that once belonged to Finrod. Finrod bestowed it (along with an oath of friendship) to Barahir in gratitude for his rescue during Dagor Bragollach. The ring bore the emblem of the House of Finarfin: two serpents beneath a crown of flowers, upheld by one of the serpents and devoured by the other. The serpents on the ring were crafted with eyes of emerald, and the crown of flowers was formed from gold. The Ring would be passed down from Barahir to his descendants, eventually to Arwen as a engagement token from Aragorn – at which time it was among the oldest extant artifacts in Middle-earth.


Some secondary sources chose to give Barahir's Ring magical qualities, for example: warding off dragons or acting as a magical power point enhancer. According to the legendarium however it is clearly stated that it had no greater powers on its own.

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