Relmether lay along the northern flank of the west-central Talathrant Valley. The Talathrant met the Khey Rill at the eastern edge of the region. Relmether 's gently rolling hills and woods offered shelter from the region's harsh winds. A relatively prosperous mix of Aharin- and Ioradja-speaking peoples resided here, farming, herding, and trading astride Middle-earth 's principal east-west trade route.

About half of Relmether 's people lived by the lake known as Linenether, a portion of the river Talathrant, which lay in southern Relmether. Dammed by a natural rock ridge, the Linenether was a rich source of food and freshwater. A waterfall called the Belanthir (Av. "Mighty Waterfall") lay at the eastern end of the thirty mile mere. Here, the lake's water tumbled some six hundred feet over the escarpment before resuming its seaward journey. Relerindú, Relmether 's chief town, lay just above the Belanthir. Its famous Mill-bridge span the cataract. Well-fortified, the bridge supported thirty distinct grain- and lumber-mills.

Places of Note

Belanthir Linether Port-on-Kól Relerindu Relmether (Town)


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