Riverboat at Relerindú

The Relerin (or Relmetherin) inhabited the rich lands of Relmether, east of Nûrad and north of Khey Sârt. This tribe was a collusion of cultures of Ioriag Easterlings and those Aharian-speaking peoples who dared to cross the Talathrant to see the rough plains beyond the river,and who eventually became known as the Otyassi.

Society and culture:


The Relerin were probably the first of the Aharian-speaking peoples who abandoned nomadism to form settlements in the fertile valleys of Relmether, becoming farmers, herders and traders. Unlike the vast majority of Easterlings tribes, the Relerin developed navigation techniques, and much of their trade was based on rafts and small boats that sailed the course of the Talathrant northwards, trading with the Ioriag tribes of the Kykurian Kyn, and even beyond, at the Bay of Ûtum.

The Relerin were relatively short in stature compared with the descendants of Númenóreans, and mostly dark-skinned, though some were more light-skinned and bright eyed, due to the mix of ethnicities with the Kykurian. They wore colorful dresses and tunics, like almost all the peoples of Aharian speech, and braided their hair. However, the influence of the Ioriag, made them adept at raising horses for war and the development of fabrics and leather clothes from horses and goats.

About half of the Relerin’s people lived by the lake known as Linenether, a portion of the river Talathrant, which lay in southern Relmether. Dammed by a natural rock ridge, the Linenether was a rich source of food and freshwater. A waterfall called the Belanthir (Av. “Mighty Waterfall”) lay at the eastern end of the thirty mile mere. Here, the lake’s water tumbled some six hundred feet over the escarpment before resuming its seaward journey. RelerindúRelmether ’s chief town, lay just above the Belanthir. Its famous Mill-bridge span the cataract. Well-fortified, the bridge supported thirty distinct grain- and lumber-mills.


Unlike other peoples of Aharian and Ioradja speech, the Relerin were not very warlike. While there had been countless invasions, they ensured their survival offering tributes as a bribe to stop the various raids. However, many wars occurred in Relmether, and the sovereignty of the Relerin went from being an independent kingdom, to a province of the Khudriagate of Khand, or the Seydomate of Chey Sart during their history.Their warriors were mainly horse archers and javelineers. Some war tactics of the Relerin included attacks from the river using archers and their rafts, thus, which were less vulnerable to the swords and spears of the Variag horsemen.

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