Redhorn Fells Village

Probably the oldest Hobbit community in Middle-earth in the mid-Third Age. Harfoots of the Redhorn Fells were the first to make contact with the Dwarves of Khazad-dum . Clans established on the lower slopes suffered less from the changes in mountain climate associated with the rise of the Shadow . They acquired domestic sheep and goats early in the 11th century , possibly stealing them from the Northmen of the Middle Vales . A steady trade with Durin's Folk , mainly in mutton, wool , and hides , allowed the Hobbits of the eastern slopes a comfortable , if somewhat rustic , lifestyle for centuries . After the fall of Khazad-dum in T.A . 1981 , these Hobbits succored Dwarven refugees for a few years , but the Dwarves moved on eastward and most of the Harfoots soon migrated to the Shire.
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