The Rangers of Ithilien were a special unit of skilled Fighters who operated from several hidden bases in Ithilien after that country had fallen under the shadow.Many recruited from among the former Ithilrim and had been simple Peasants and Hunters who had lost everything and were fully commited to their task of paying retribution to the forces of the Dark Lord.The Rangers were skilled trackers and archers and gave the Forces of Mordor, who saw them as Rebels, a fierce guerilla war.The Rangers of Ithilien were traditionally led by the Prince of Ithilien, one of the sons of the ruling Steward of Gondor.

Known Bases of the Rangers of Ithilien

Known Ithilien Rangers:

Anborn the Ranger Arvandir Damrod the Ranger Dírion Ecthel Eldir Eldor Faramir Galath Gelnor Gondren Gúrion Holrung Mablung of Ithilien Madril Menelith Rainal Rildor Thurindir Treharn Valin Veldor

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