Randae Terisonen

Randae Terisonen (Av. "Dark Wanderer" "slender Everwater" PQ."Randaiô Teresônen") was one of two true Loremasters who lived in the far eastern land of Tanara.He had lived for many century and seen rise and fall of many kings, empires and entire races.Still he had an interest in Tanara and saw it as his duty to ensure a measure of stability if possible.Tall standing (6'7") and slender, with sandy hair and hazel eyes, Randae resembled one of the Sulini more than any other folk of Tanara.He was a minstrel and carried a lap Harp on his back on his journeys throughout the land. Few noted his meetings with Venoye, Thelon or T'revor Arain as they were frequently at unlikely places and in nights where the clouds hung low and the thick clouds obscured the vision even of the Durakhani. Randae had many items of power at his disposal and knew the essence itself as few could but he had always to be weary to use his abilities discretely to avoid upsetting further the delicate balance which held tanara intact.


  • Cloak of Defense
  • Earring of Spellpower
  • Magical Harp
  • Longbow
  • Ring
  • Sword of Garkslaying
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