Ram Galen (S. "Green Wall") was a long, low ridge, running from the Morthond to the Lefnui, which separated coastal Anfalas from the inland of Pinnath Gelin. It started in the east as a small swelling in the ground, but soon reached a height of about 1,000 feet; most of it was between 1,400 and 1,800 feet high. The highest point was in the middle of Anfalas, where it rose to about 2,000 feet. In the west, it dropped off rather sharply to the banks of the Lefnui. The south side fell off as a steep slope and, when seen from the coastal lowlands, it created an impression of a long, green wall, hence its name. On the north side, it yieldef to the undulating landscape of Pinnath Gelin without any noticeable border. For most of its length, Ram Galen was heavily wooded. Ram Galen's sudden rise caused the air and the clouds to rise and unload what moisture there was, despite the comparatively low height of the ridge. This put Pinnath Gelin, behind it, in a rain-shadow, with comparatively little precipitation. It was not until the clouds reached the Ered Nimrais that they rose again, bringing more rain.

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