Once a demonic servant of Morgoth--Morgoth sent this fiend to the Hildorien in order to corrupt them for Morgoth's purpose. He aided in the construction of the Black Temple and he was among several other servants who took part in the Battle of Palisor and he was a staunch ally to Sulam.

After the ending of the War of Wrath and the beginning of the Second Age, Rakodsaol left and came amongst the Firasfrathi where he taught them to tame horses. He later led the Khandish ancestors on a bloody campaign that saw him defeated in S.A. 599.

After being severly wounded, Rakodsaol fled and hid. Soon the people of Khand forgot about him and he diminished from the pages of history. Some say that he waits to strike again after healing from his wounds, but others say that he finally succumbed to his wounds and was cast out of Arda.

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