Rûmil of Tírion

A Noldo loremaster of Tirion in Aman during the Elder Days, Rúmil composed the Ainulindalë, an account of Arda's creation, as well as inventing the tengwar (S."letters")—the worlds first system of writing. Rúmil's symbols were designed for drawing with ink, using brush or pen on parchment. Feanor improved upon these initial signs, and it was Feanor's tengwar, rather than Rúmil's, that were brought to Middle-earth by the exiled Noldor.

A member of the household of Fingolfin, Rumil was among those Elves who crossed the Helcaraxe, however he was caught and enslaved by Orcs of Angband during the Battle of Lammoth.He survived most of the First Age as one of the Virtinoldor in Angband where he learned the languages of all animal-kind and even those of the dark beings.With the fall of Angband he was freed by the host of Valinor and briefly became the Teacher of Pengolodh.Both separated when Rúmil returned to the Immortal Lands where he eventually settled down on the isle of Tol Eressëa while his pupil stayed in Middle-Earth to live in Lindon and Eregion, although he later chose to follow his master into the west.

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