The Island of Rôlfandas

Rôlfandas was a collection of islands located off the coast of northeastern Middle-earth, at the junction of the Romenëar and Helkëar. The Wêr Wômaw (Wm. "Womaw Gulf") lay to the south. The 500 hundred mile long archipelago was actually an isolated section of what was once the northern Orocarni. Tall, red peaks still rose from the center of Vor Rôlfandas, the chain's main island.

The northernmost home of Wômarin-speaking peoples, Rôlfandas had long been occupied; however, few folk lived on any of the smaller isles. The vast majority of the areas hunters, trappers, and fishermen resided by the sheltered eastern shores of Vor Rôlfandas. Rôlâlk-the center of the Rôl and Obâr clans of the Rûlurk (later simply known as the "Rôlfandan") tribe-was the region's chief city and traditional capital as well as residence to the traditional "Sea-Lords".



Places of renown


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