Rôg (G."Strong, doughty";Orc."The Fleet"), originally called Róka and later Rhogrin, was the head of the smiths of Gondolin and Lord of the House of the Hammer.The strongest of all the Noldor, he fought with a Hammer-like mace.

Rôg had early been a loyal follower of House Fingolfin and been among those elves who had been captured and enslaved during the Dagor Bragollach.Along with Gwindor son of Guilin he was among the few Virtinoldor who escaped from the prisons of Angband.He eventually found his way to Dor-Lomin where he joined Fingon the Valiant on whose side he fought in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.After the death of his lord he was among a number of Noldor from Dor-Lomin who were accepted by Turgon the Wise and taken back with him to Gondolin, where Rôg rose in renown and became head of one of the cities twelve Great Houses.

Rôg had been a tall and muscular Noldo-smith, after his imprisonment he preserved his strong arms and brawny build, but his back had become hunched, his hair had turned to grey, his face was disfigured and scarred from imprisonment and slavery, but he still maintained an unbroken spirit, a mighty voice and the noble and proud bearing of his house.

Rôg fought valiantly during the fall of Gondolin, where he was slain by the Balrogs.His entire house vanished with him.


  • strong arms
  • disfigured and scarred from imprisonment and slavery



  • Rhogrin
  • Róka
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