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The nineteenth King of Gondor (T.A. 1304-66), Minalcar was a brilliant diplomat and a fierce Warrior. As Regent of Dor Rhunen, Gondor's eastern territories in Rhovanion , he crushed the Easterlings (T.A. 1248) and extended Gondorian rule to the shores of the Sea of Rhûn. Thus, he took the name Rómendacil. He sought an alliance with the Northmen, sending his son Valacar to the court of Vidugavia in T.A. 1250. Though his intentions were good, this action eventually led to the Kin-strife.

Principle Items:

The following items were the hereditary possessions of the Kings of Gondor. All of them, except the "Helm of Elendil" were lost when King Eärnur disappeared in TA. 2050.


  • Karma-Kundo
  • Minalkar
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