The Râdh Angáladh

The shadow of a roadway—still visible in later ages, although it was little traveled—led beyond the forest edge

to the Northman ruin at Cor Angálaladh (S. "Long- laughing Light Ring"). A ring of ancient oak trees and a circle of stone graves, this exalted site was the burial place of Waldandung Princes. It was tucked in the forest about a mile and half north of the trail. The forest path, which was called the 'Râd Angálaladh (S. "Long-laughing Light Path") continued southwestward and then split. Continuing almost due west, the main trail wove through the Narrows of Mirkwood, past Radagast's home at Rhosgobel, and then southwestward across the Nan Anduin to Lothlórien. This route had once been the principal Elven highway in Mirkwood. (The lesser fork passed south, eventually joining a route that reached Ithilien.)

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