The great Lake-Lands or Rálian

Rálian (Lin. "Land of Countless Waters"), the great "Lake-lands" of southeastern Middle-Earth stretched east and south from the rolling highlands between the Orocarni and the Orosúli. A variety of reddish-brown-skinned, Rálek-speaking peoples occupied this rich, hilly region. The great river Lôrálian rose in it's northern highlands.

Kábe was the oldest and wealthiest of Rálian's five tribal realms. It was bounded by the Lôrálian in the west and the river Kankanan in the east and south. It extended as far north as the upper shores of Klôkában, a lake on the river known as Lôkában. Kábe shared it's name with it's chief city, which was in turn named for the Tífe Kábian people. Able and sophisticated farmers, they raised wheat, rye, greens, and tubors. Fish comprised the bulk of their meat intake.

The city of Kábe was situated on a grassy hill in the southwestern part of the Tífe Kábian claim. Walled with five beautifully-carved palisades built out of laquered ironwood, it was a compact and imposing settlement. It's corduroy streets and multi-leveled bridges connected a broad array of large wooden structures, many of which had survived over two millenia.

Kankanan, the tribal center of the Tífe Kankanian folk, lay only forty-miles southwest of Kábe. Situated on the river Kankanan and connected to the Lôrálian by a broad canal, it was a major river port. It was center of trade and commercial fishing.

Rálian 's other three tribes included the Tífe Lénian, the Rále Kuiwian, and the Rále Búrsian.Tífe Lénian lands lay in the far south, below the Klôléne, and adjoined Hôrl lands. Rále Kuiwian territory stretched north and east from Klôkában, as far as the shores of the Romenëar. It was the largest of Rálian's five realms. The next largest, the Rále Búrsian claim, was in the north and northwest.




  • Fale
  • Ráliani
    • Rále Kúvian
    • Rále Búrsian
    • Tífe Kábian
    • Tífe Kankanian
    • Tífe Lénian

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  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon
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