Not long after the Fall of Tol-in-Gaurhoth, Beren Ercharmion lamented the loss of his companions but still pursued the Silmaril. With the help of his beloved Lúthien Tinúviel--Beren and Luthien magically took the forms of Draugluin and Thuringwethil respectively by using their skins.

Huan accompanied the pair until they were found by the Noldorian Princes, Celegorm and Curufin. The Sons of Feanor attacked the pair and shot an arrow at Luthien, but Beren used himself to absorb the blow, he took an arrow in the chest but was healed later by Luthien.

Undettered, they headed for Angband and entered the throne room of Morgoth himself. Luthien cast off the cloak of Thuringwethil and revealed that she was the daughter of Melian and Elwe .

Overcome with lust, Luthien managed to put Morgoth to sleep and allowed Beren to wrest a Silmaril from his crown. Beren attempted to wrest a second Silmaril, but the knife Angrist broke off and slashed Morgoth's cheek, causing him to stir--Luthien and Beren began to flee, but Carcharoth found Beren and bit his hand off. The Silmaril caused Carcharoth immense pain and allowed him to run through the Girdle of Melian.

Beren was nursed to health once more by Lúthien, and they returned to Doriath. Thingol was amazed to see Beren alive, but he still disliked him for the doom he had brought on Doriath. But Beren told him of his tale, and that a Silmaril was in his other hand. Thingol's mood towards Beren then changed, and at last he yielded Lúthien to him. Eventually Carcharoth was discovered by Thingol's warriors, and the wolf was attacked. Thingol was nearly slain, but Beren saved him and was mortally wounded. Huan then fought with Carcharoth and slew him, with both wolves dying. The Silmaril was cut from Carcharoth's burned flesh, and Beren presented it at last to Thingol before he died. Thingol then held Beren with respect, but Lúthien commanded Beren to wait for her in the Undying Lands. Lúthien passed away in grief, and her spirit came to the halls of Mandos. There she sang a song of woe and lamentation, and Mandos himself was moved to pity. He then summoned Beren's spirit, and the two were reunited. But though Mandos pitied them, Lúthien was faced with a choice; to remain in Valinor and its eternal bliss, or for her and Beren to return to Middle-earth as mortals, after which they would die a second death. Lúthien chose the latter, and she and Beren returned to Doriath.

Many rejoiced at their return. But when Melian saw her daughter again, by virtue of being an Ainur, she foresaw that a parting beyond the world was now due. Melian was grieved, knowing that Lúthien would soon vanish forever. But the Quest was completed; Thingol had received the Silmaril, and Beren had won Lúthien.

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