Qarsag Noblemen

The Qarsag were a group of Haradrim tribes usually counted to the Sandmen.The Qarsag were nomads roaming the eastern borderlands of southern Bellakar, the Kes Weza and Kes Arik.

The Qarsag were descended from a group of Apysaic nomads ,possibly the same group as from whom the Fariyîn and Aukuag traced their ancestry. They became mercenaries against the Bellakaze in what became known as the "Tedyin-Qarsag Invasion." The Qarsag were often mistaken for the Lûshek-Pûst, a people who inhabited almost the same region. They followed a cult of idols similar to, but more primitive than, the Apysaic cults (Ladnoca, Vatra, etc.). They spoke a language Qarsiq, which seemed to be a distinct language, not truly either Haruze, Bellakaze, or Bôzishnarûd. Their traditional allies were the Tedyin, and like the Tedyin they shared a warlike and patriarchal structure.

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