The term Prince (f."Princess") could refer to a leader or lord of a tribe or territory or the heir of a King. Sindarin "Caun" or "Cund" and Quenya "Condo" or "Cundu" designated a prince, chief or head while for a king's heir the Sindarin title "Hîl" or in Quenya "(H)aryon" or "Túrion" was used.The Title "Ernil", which often was translated as "Prince" designated a High Lord, not quite a King, but still more powerful than an ordinary Chief or Lord, in the usage of the later Dúnedain Ernil became the title for the ruler of a formally autonomous province, lesser in power than a king but not officially subject to any other ruler.The Quenya equivalent was the "Vardo", a Prince or Petty King.

Other titles sometimes translated as Prince:


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