As its name suggests, the River Poros (S "boundary River") was a large river and the largest eastern tributary of the Anduin river, it arose high in the vales of the southwestern Ephel Dûath and descended in a westerly course through a wide valley to join the Great River about forty miles north of the Anduin’s Delta south of Pelargir.It formed a natural barrier between South Ithilien and the Harad lands, and thus was often a frontier of war.No bridge crossed the Poros ,the river was very wide and thus could only be forded safely at one point, Athrad Poros, the Crossings of Poros, at the point where the Hyarmentie passed south into Harondor. Poros was navigable for nearly half its course, but its mouth was choked with marshes, which sometimes hindered waterborne travel. The Poros acquired its name at the; founding of Gondor in S.A. 3320. when Isildur Elendilion established the boundaries of his domain east of Anduin.


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