Pincup in Greenhill Country


Pincup area

In the old settlements of the Weather Hills the Pendle, Took, and Buck clans got along poorly and occasionally fought each other. When the Fallohide brothers organized the first great migrations to the Shire , they hoped to scatter quarreling families across the landscape and discourage the wilder clans from immigrating at all. The Yalekin, the junior clan of the Bucks, shrugged off the Fallohides' warning and came west almost immediately, clearing ground along the East Road between Hobbiton and Frogmorton. The Bucks arrived soon after, fortunately spreading their bad habits out, setting all across the Eastfarthing in the early years. The Pendle moved into some quarries south of Hobbiton a few years later, establishing a fortified clan smial at Pincup, in a little valley on the southern side of the Green-hill Country. Before they could explore the entire reach of the hills, the Tooks arrived and overran the western quarter. The Pendle's quarrel with the Tooks and Bucks was largely responsible for the Farthing boundaries in the central Shire.

In TA 1640

Angry confrontations occurred along the frontiers between the "warring clans" throughout the 1630's. In the first years, nothing more deadly then a bloody nose came of the quarrels. In 1637, a Pendle leader died in a hunting accident involving a Took arrow. Since then a dozen Hobbits have died in woodland skirmishes, and the horrified Fallohides haven' t been successful in suppressing the news.In 1639, a full scale battle seemed imminent at the meeting of the Shire-moot in Hobbiton. Only Blancho Fallohide's impassioned oratoy prevented blood beig shed in front of Hobbits and local men alike. The Three-farthing stone, set in 1640 , marked the surveying of fixed boundaries in the central Shire, and it is hoped that this setting of lines will calm the situation. Permagin Pendle, the junior chieftain of his clan, has a lust for argument and violent sport that would seem extreme in a wild Dunman. He has been spurring his brother Dromibar on towards a full-scale attack on the Yalekin, the weaker of the Pendle's neighbors. Permagin actually likes fighting, and pays little heed to the consequences of war. He has done many deeds that have inflamed the current situation, some too cruel to be openly spoken of in front of his chief. He seems to have little sense of the consequences of his actions. Deliberately killing a large number of innocent Hobbits will get Permagin and his family exiled by the moot or hung by the Arthadan Reeves.

About TA 3019

A quiet woodland village, The Pendles, its founding family, were long gone. Sularin the Wood-elf no longer lives in the nearby woods, but a number of Sîrrandrai artifacts could be found in local mathom-collections .


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