A Pilgrim

A Pilgrim is a wanderer or traveller, usually on a religious mission such as a pilgrimage to a holy place.The term is derived from Peregrin a foreigner who has not full citizenship or civil liberty.The Sindarin name Ethelion (S."foreign born") was probably used to refer to the latter meaning while the term Pilgrim is used to reflect Sindarin Randir (S."Wanderer"), Ràna a Name of the Moon is derived from Rána the Common ´Eldarin root RAN ("wander, stray, meander").Peregrin Tooks name reflects his "true" Westron name Razanur Tûk,Razanur being the name of a legendary traveller, probably a númenórean explorer.

religious Pilgrims in Middle Earth

Gandalf was also known as the grey Pilgrim.This may not only refer to his unsteady life of wandership but also to his religious mission as a messenger of the Valar sent to Middle-Earth to fight the Shadow.

holy places and possible destinations for religious pilgrimages in Middle-Earth


The Lord of the Rings Role-Playing Game has an elite Order Pilgrim.The One Ring - Roleplaying in Middle Earth has a similar calling, the Wanderer..Rolemaster has similar classes with the Indurate and the Venturer.

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